(An artist's rendition of a bespoke version of our Celestial Voyager with white and green jade date disc, green jade outer dial with city names engraved on the inside of the sapphire crystal, as well as cloisonné enamel dial centre - all details are completely customisable.) 



Bespoke Commissions by BCHH

The notion of bespoke is fundamental to the very essence of BCHH. Virtually every element of any of our watches can be personalised to the exact wishes of our dear clients. We take great pleasure in designing and bringing to fruition heirloom works of art in collaboration with our clients and master artisans. The fact that all our watches are created in exceedingly small series or pièces unique, allows us to modify each component on an infinitesimal level. Apart from the modifications and personalisations listed below, we are most happy to entertain more ambitious customisation, given less restraint on expense and time. 



  • We are able to offer completely bespoke enamel dials from the most accomplished enamel artists in the Swiss tradition, encompassing both micropainting (Genève technique) and cloisonné enamel.
  • We are able to offer completely bespoke silk embroidery dials which are quite literally the finest embroidered watch dials available in the world - we use thread up to one-sixteenth of a human hair in thickness to create our artworks.
  • The client is able to completely design a guilloché pattern from scratch, or choose from one of our many existing designs. Our guillocheur then creates this dial pattern by traditional engine-turning.
  • The client is able to choose the exact jade or aventurine stone, as well as the area on the stone from which the dial is cut. We source our jade raw material directly from the finest mines in the world, and can procure grades of jade which usually never even reach the open market.



  • The client may choose to have our master case engraver engrave his watch case to his wishes.
  • If desired, changes in finishing can be made to the case through our case makers.



  • Our anointed watchmaker, the virtuoso Svend Andersen, can finish the client's movement any way he prefers.
  • On a more ambitious scale, we are even able to add bespoke complications to our proprietary BCHH-1 movement.



  • Virtually any detail of our straps can be customised - leather skin type and colour, lining skin type and colour, stitching colour, and thickness.


Presentation Box

  • Should a different box be desired for gifting or presentation purposes, our master carpenter Till Kautz can realise any design from scratch. 
  • We can also create bespoke wooden watch winders combined with no less than a handcrafted pendulum clock created by AHCI master clockmaker Alessandro Rigotto.


The BCHH Celestial astronomical clock

  • Virtually every detail of this clock, the first and only existing modern planispherical clock in the world, may be personalised.
  • Most obvious to begin with would be the star map, which is hand-painted individually.
  • The clock body may have any metal colour, including ADLC for a contemporary finish.
  • Wood, leather or Carrara marble may also be chosen to encase the clock.




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