Our Story


The greatest motivator
of my unwavering pursuit of excellence
Is the passion to accomplish
what others consider impossible
And to turn every challenge
into ever greater triumphs
 Benjamin Chee HH


BCHH was founded by Benjamin Chee HH in 2019 as his flagship brand and the foremost of his passion projects, encapsulating the ultimate expression of his vision of contemporary haute horlogerie.

With the unswerving ambition to create watches of manifest excellence, Benjamin sought out the finest artisans in their respective fields worldwide to help bring his vision to fruition. The greatest master artisans in watchmaking, movement design, finissage, enamelling, silk embroidery, guillochage, precious stone cutting, and case finishing, among other artistic areas, have been united in one august cause - to create the finest watches in the world.

The handcrafted watches of BCHH are heirloom artworks of horology, exemplifying great rarity and exclusivity, meticulous attention to detail, exquisitely refined design and incomparable quality. They represent centuries of artisan tradition in a multiplicity of artistic endeavours and, in some references, world-firsts in watchmaking innovation.



All BCHH watches are handcrafted, assembled, regulated and tested in the atelier of Svend Andersen, co-founder of the prestigious Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants (AHCI) and undoubtedly one of the greatest living watchmakers of our time, in Geneva, Switzerland. Known as the watchmaker of the impossible, Svend is now in his 41st year as an independent watchmaker, after nine years spent in the grand complications atelier of Patek Philippe.

Aftersales service is also handled at this workshop.

Our movements are built for us bespoke to our specifications by Svend and finished to the highest degree wherever possible. We also have a number of collaborative projects in production with eight other AHCI watchmakers in total, that will be released over the next two years.

Our cases and crowns are made by Voutilainen & Cattin (excluding the Celestial Voyager, which is handcrafted internally by Svend Andersen), who is also responsible for the plating of our upcoming proprietary handwound movement. 

Our dials and hands are created by Comblémine (excluding the Celestial Voyager, which is handcrafted internally by Svend Andersen), also owned by AHCI master watchmaker Kari Voutilainen.

Our enamel dials are handcrafted by a tiny atelier of the highest level in La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

Most of our watches feature superior finishing and proprietary complications exclusively designed and constructed for us.

Our hand-stitched leather straps and handcrafted wooden presentation boxes are individually created bespoke by artisans in both Switzerland and Singapore.



Benjamin Chee HH - Founder & Visionary-in-chief

Svend Andersen AHCI - produces, assembles and regulates all BCHH Celestial Voyager watches.

Soon to be revealed - responsible for co-designing and finishing to the highest degree the BCHH proprietary movement BCHH-1 and all BCHH complicated watches based on this movement.

Voutilainen & Cattin (Kari Voutilainen AHCI) - responsible for all BCHH cases and crowns, as well as plating for the BCHH proprietary movement BCHH-1.

Comblémine (Kari Voutilainen AHCI) - responsible for all BCHH dials (particularly engine-turned guilloché) and hands.

Alessandro Rigotto AHCI - master clockmaker, responsible for creating and handcrafting the movement and body of the BCHH Celestial astronomical clock.

Xiong Songtao - accredited the rank of Grandmaster by the State Council of China, Master Xiong is one of the world's greatest living enamellers and the heir to a 600 year old tradition of enamel art in the particularly Chinese style, stretching back to when his great-grandfather was the court enameller of the Qing Emperors. Master Xiong has pioneered a proprietary style of cloisonné enamelling, which he employs to create extravagant works of art on our dials.

Xue Jindi - accredited the rank of Grandmaster by the State Council of China, Master Xue has over fifty years of experience in the exquisite art form of Suzhou silk embroidery, the most ancient of China's four great embroidery traditions, stretching back 2500 years. She creates for us what are without doubt the finest embroidered watch dials in the world.

Till Kautz - master carpenter who creates our bespoke wooden presentation boxes individually by hand.


In addition, we have collaborative projects in progress with eight other AHCI watchmakers. Feel free to contact our Concierge if you’d wish to be updated on their release and receive priority waitlisting when we launch these masterpieces.